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Forestville Chiropractor’s Passion is Family Wellness

Forestville chiropractic clients are looking for a lifestyle change that will help them move well, eat well and think well for life. And Dr Keith Farrugia (Chiropractor) is the chiropractor in Forestville that focuses on the optimal health and wellness of the entire family!

Forest Chiropractic Wellness Centre Educates and Empowers Families

Our vision is to be the leaders in wellness and the principal centre for health and prevention in our community. Our mission is to educate and empower entire families to actively participate in the recovery and preservation of their health, through natural and holistic means. In addition to chiropractic care, we offer our practice members free health classes to help implement lifestyle changes that can return you to the health and wellness you are innately designed for.

Forestville Chiropractor

Dr Keith Farrugia explains, “The wellness and prevention paradigm is not condition-focused, but rather is based on the premise of maximising the potential for the individual, regardless of age, to express and live their full potential.”

Get Well and Stay Well

At Forest Chiropractic Wellness Centre, our primary objective is to help people get well and stay well by improving physiology and function – which can only be done through lifestyle choices. Focusing on true wellness rather than simply treating symptoms is what sets us apart from other Forestville chiropractors.

When you are ready to take control of your health and achieve your goal of a better, longer, happier life, call us!

Dr Keith Farrugia (Chiropractor)
Forest Chiropractic Wellness Centre | Call: (02) 9453 3233