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About Forest Chiropractic Wellness Centre

Helping Clients Get on the Path Towards Wellness

photo of our buildingCanadian-born Dr. Keith Farrugia (Chiropractor) made Australia his permanent home in 2004. He has seen his family-orientated private practice help clients in Forestville and Frenchs Forest, Chatswood feel great since its opening in 2005. The reason for its popularity? Evidence-based spinal care programs, proven lifestyle interventions and a laser-like focus on three key areas:

  • The restoration of health and function
  • The creation of a state of ongoing wellness
  • Prevention of dysfunction through good lifestyle habits
Our mission is to address the cause of problems rather than to just reduce or eliminate pain, and to offer an avenue for wellness and lifestyle information and change. Our clients often call this “health education in a nice package.”


Taking a Best Practice Approach to Care

In order to produce the best possible outcomes for our clients what we really have to talk about is what are the best possible, most evidence-based health care options available. Our guiding principle is to use the best available evidence, make recommendations based on clinical experience when it is not available and be honest about the process used to reach our conclusions. This ensures our interventions are valid and address the cause of your condition to give you the best possible outcomes.

This is called achieving a quantifiable result. We’re able to accomplish this through cutting-edge protocols that make us unique in our community through our comprehensive Spinal Health Assessment and Health Risk Assessment.

We’re the only practice in the area offering this type of advanced pre-examination and post-treatment measurement, which allows our clients to receive gentle, knowledgeable care that produces quantifiable results.

Delivering the Best Results

We know that when most people come in for care, they’re either in a lot of pain or suffering with a symptom, and we certainly don’t ignore that. But it’s our goal to help our clients realise that the pain itself isn’t the problem — and the contributing factor is truly the important one. Dr. Keith has a gentle, friendly personality with extensive knowledge & experience, which endears him to his clients.
We use advanced low-force techniques that are just as effective for babies and children as they are for adults and our senior population, and we’re the only practice in the area featuring ArthroStim™ technology.

Get Started Today

Dr. Keith cares deeply about the wellbeing of his clients. If you’re in pain or seeking more wellness in your life, contact the practice today to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome, and we offer same-day appointments!

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