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Headache Relief In Forestville

Chiropractic Care For Headaches

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Though thousands of different triggers can cause headaches, one thing is certain-they happen for a reason. A headache is the body’s way of telling you something isn’t right. But what you may not know is that what’s causing the headache doesn’t always originate in or near the area where you feel pain.

Rarely, headaches are the result of a serious underlying pathology. If your headache symptoms are getting worse, are very intense or you have neurological symptoms get a medical assessment straight away to rule out serious illness.

Luckily, the most common types of headaches, are not caused by life threatening disease. Instead, irritation to pain sensitive structures surrounding your skull, or tension in the muscles and joints of your neck or lifestyle triggers (or a combination of these factors) can play a role in common headache symptoms.

When it comes to relieving headaches, many approach their condition by simply numbing the pain. Though this may bring temporary relief and help you get through your day, neglecting to address the source of your headaches and treat any underlying causes properly may lead to further deterioration and even bigger problems in the future.

Listen to your body! Pain is the body’s way of communicating. Think of it this way-taking painkillers or having a nerve block for headaches is just like freezing the root of an aching tooth. Without correcting the underlying tooth decay, you’re left with a far worse situation!

Non-medicinal routes are an option with common types of headaches. We believe in treating the root cause of the problem with chiropractic care to improve spinal function and simple lifestyle recommendations to improve overall health, instead of masking the symptom and ignoring the true issues.

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What To Expect

Our approach to headache pain is a scientific and logical one. Your headaches may be a symptom of spinal dysfunction. During your first appointment, you will receive one of the most comprehensive spinal health assessments in the industry, which will help your doctor of chiropractic establish whether you have postural, muscular or spinal dysfunction that is causing or contributing to your headache symptoms. Then, you’ll receive a report that scores your overall spinal health and identifies where your spinal problems are, including the underlying lifestyle factors that are causing them. You’ll also receive a complete lifestyle assessment that will shine a light on what you’re doing right and areas that require attention.

We want our clients to fully comprehend the findings, which is why your doctor of chiropractic will take the time to go over the report in full detail, offering you the chance to ask any questions you may have. Then, based on our clinical findings and your health goals, we’ll recommend the most appropriate and effective treatment that will bring you the best results.

We are honest and want you to understand that there is no miracle cure and headaches can’t always be prevented. But rest assured our doctor of chiropractic has over 15 years of clinical experience in spinal health and holistic lifestyle treatment that may reduce pain and lead to fewer headaches. No gimmicks. No fads.

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