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A Forestville Chiropractor For The Entire Family

Chiropractic Care For Optimal Wellness

Dr Keith Farrugia (Chiropractor) & his family

Dr Keith Farrugia (Chiropractor) & his family

Are you looking for a lifestyle change that will help you move well, eat well and think well for life? Dr Keith Farrugia (Chiropractor) is the chiropractor in Forestville that focuses on the optimal health and wellness of the entire family!

Get Well & Stay Well

When it comes to relieving pain, many approach the injury by simply numbing the pain. Though this may bring temporary relief, neglecting to address the cause of your headaches and treat the spinal condition properly can lead to further deterioration and even bigger problems in the future. Think of it this way-taking painkillers or having a cortisone injection for pain is just like freezing the root of an aching tooth. Without correcting the underlying tooth decay, you’re left with a far worse situation!

A Holistic Approach To Healthcare

We take a holistic approach to health and believe in treating the root cause of problems with chiropractic care and simple lifestyle recommendations instead of ignoring the true issue.

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