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Forest Chiropractic Wellness Centre Services


Nutrition at {PRACTICE NAME}We are dedicated to providing you and your family with the safest, most effective, most cost-effective, and most evidence-based spinal health care. Dr. Farrugia (Chiropractor) has completed comprehensive post-graduate education in human nutrition as it relates to our genetic requirements.

Eating congruently with your genetic requirements means eating to express maximal health rather than eating to lose weight or treat a specific health condition. The nutritional strategies we recommend, including any essential supplements, are based on a body of valid scientific evidence indicating they are required by everybody to maximise recovery, wellness and prevention.

Supporting your chiropractic care with nutritional strategies gets you better results in less time with less cost to you.

Custom Orthotics

Orthotics at {PRACTICE NAME}The foot is formed of three distinct arches which create an architectural vault. When any of the arches drop this creates a foot imbalance, which can have a negative impact on the feet, knees, hips, pelvis, and spine.

When clinically indicated, we prescribe custom stabilising orthotics. Feet, gait pattern, and postural makeup in the human body are all different, which is why each pair of orthotics is engineered specifically to each client.

Wearing custom orthotics inside shoes is similar to placing a shim beneath the leg of a wobbly table: it adds support to eliminate unwanted motion in the entire structure. The flexible orthotics we prescribe are comfortable and encourage increased stability by guiding the feet through a more normal pattern with each step taken.

Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessment at {PRACTICE NAME}The Wellness and Prevention Protocols Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is the first health measurement that assesses Allostatic Load (adaptive physiological status), Lifestyle Stressor Load, and Physical and Psychosocial Quality of Life and then analyses and combines this data into a single and direct rating of current and predicted future wellness and prevention – the Wellness and Prevention Index.

The HRA helps our practitioners and clients identify which past, current, and future lifestyle habits, including chiropractic care, are determining current and future health and quality of life.

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